Tuesday, January 22, 2008

School Introductions

Here is a map of all of the schools currently participating in the Ship-2-Shore Education Program. Sign your school up in the comments section below and you will be added to the map!

Welcome aboard to all the schools participating in this exciting research voyage!!! Please introduce yourselves in the comments section below.


Paul Clarke said...

Hi folks,

The Grade 4 students here at Brooksbank Elementary School in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada are happy to be following along with you again. Good luck on the uphill ride!

-Paul Clarke
Gr. 4 Teacher

ORV Alguita said...

Welcome back Brooksbank Elementary!! Great to have you on board!!!

kerrie lloyd said...


The fifth grade students at Point Fermin Elementary in San Pedro, California would like to join you.

ORV Alguita said...

Welcome to all the schools that signed up via email!!

Home School
Grade Level 6Bu
York, Maine, USA

Luis A. Rivera School
9th Grade
Guayama, Puerto Rico

Gilmour Academy Middle School
Grade Level 8 Earth Science
Gates Mills, Ohio, USA

Burbank Middle School
6th grade Science-Bilingual
Houston, TX, USA

George Washington High School
High School, Juniors & Seniors Marine Biology
Mangilao, Guam

Parker Middle School
8th grade Earth and Space science
Chelmsford, MA, USA

Geilenkirchen Elementary School
Second and Third Grade Science and Enrichment

Environmental Charter High School
Lawndale, CA, USA

Programa Escuela a Bordo
Centro AquaSendas
Miembros de la Red de Educación Costera Latinoamericana (REdCoL)
Educando para la Conservación de nuestros Ecosistemas Acuáticos
Concepcion, Chile

Cowan Road Middle School
6th Grade Earth Science
Griffin, GA, USA

ORV Alguita said...

Also welcome back to;

Edwards Middle School
8th Grade Science
Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA
Glad the Thunderbirds are aboard!

Tbirds said...

Wuz up?

We are from Edwards Middle School, 8th Grade, and we think what you are doing is so cool!!!!! As the leaders of the Science Club, we are very interested in learning all that we can about what you are doing. We care very deeply about the environment and what effect people have on it.

Science Club President:
Science Club Vice President:

George R. Edwards Middle School
8th Grade Science Club

WLHS said...

Hello from Indiana! The students from West Lafayette, Indiana, in a 1st year biology class would like to join the group. We already studied ocean currents and ecosystems in the fall. I am offering extra credit to students who follow Algalita's progress and who ask questions.

Linda Anderson
Biology Teacher

ORV Alguita said...

Welcome West Lafayette! Glad to have you aboard! I will add your school to the map and look forward to your questions!

Ms. O'Brien's class said...


The fourth grade students at Winthrop Elementary School in Melrose, Massachusetts are excited to follow along on your voyage. Happy sailing!

-Ms. O'Brien's class

Anonymous said...

Animo Leadership Charter High School
12th grade
1155 W. Arbor Vitae st.
Inglewood CA 90301 USA

ORV Alguita said...

Welcome Aboard to Winthrop Elementary and Animo Leadership Charter High School- I am glad that you could join us!