Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 4- first open ocean swim!

Noon Position: 29°12'28.80"N 124°56'13.20"W
Today the crew had the chance to stop for our first open ocean swim, roughly 500miles offshore! With thousands of miles of water around us and hundreds of meters of water below our feet, it was an astonishing experience. While in the water Drew got the opportunity to test out some of his underwater gear and Capt. swam around the boat with a net searching for plastic. He found four small bits (two pieces of line, a thin transparent fragment and a cloth like fragment).

Can anyone identify the animal in the photo above? (Hint: Check out the links on day 3!)

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srchief said...

A blue water swim is an interesting thing to experience. Did everyone participated? What was the reaction of the "first timers" to such an experience? Was the wind and sea real calm for the event? Did you see anything else besides the Velella Velella?