Monday, December 28, 2009

Join us as we research plastic pollution in the Atlantic Ocean!

Please join us!! The 5 Gyres Project is the first comprehensive study of plastic pollution in the world's oceans. We will travel thousands of miles across the North Atlantic, South Atlantic oceans, adding data to what we already know about plastic pollution in the North Pacific Gyre. On these two voyages, we'll collect ocean samples to study plastic accumulation, as well as study fish for possible plastic ingestion and toxins in their tissues. These expeditions will help us to further understand the impact of plastic waste on the world's oceans.

You and your students are invited to join the expedition through the Ship-2-Shore Education Program. The 5 Gyres crew will be sending images, videos and descriptions of their experiences while they are at sea conducting research. Students will be able to communicate with the crew by sending questions and comments through the internet. The next opportunity to participate will be during the voyage from;

Bermuda to the Azores Jan. 27 - Feb 12, 2010.

The Ship-2-Shore program is free and signing up is easy. Simply send an email to and include:

1. Name and location of school
2. # of students participating
3. Grade level

We will send you more information as the voyage approaches! For more information about the program please visit Ship-2-Shore Education Program.

Thank you,
Holly Gray
Research Vessel Support Coordinator
Algalita Marine Research Foundation

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