Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our research voyage on Good Morning America!


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

This is wonderful! I'm so glad you are getting this type of press and spreading the word about this horrifying problem.

This is my question, I know there is no way to clean up ALL of the plastic and trash but is there a way to clean up some of the most harmful? Has there been any research done on this?

Belmont University
Nashville, Tennessee

Anonymous said...

Dear Ship 2 Shore,
My step mother recently passed away from breast cancer. However, before when she was going through Chemotherapy her doctors told her to eat fish, but stay clear away from farmed fish because of unnatural chemicals (dye) in their body. Would she still have been at equal risk by only eating wild caught fish? And should we cut fish out of our diet completely because they're being harvested from unsafe sources. Thanks

Santa Monica High School
Santa Monica, CA

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Do you find most of the plastics in the Sargassum mats? Also, if the fish have plastics in the tissues is it unsafe for humans to eat?


~Christina River Ridge High School 11th grade.