Tuesday, March 23, 2010

View the Indian Ocean Voyage in Google Maps

Click here to view Indian Ocean Voyage 2010 in a larger map directly in Google Maps!

Now you can view the route of the voyage and the blog in Google Maps. Each blue sailboat icon is placed at the noon location of the research vessel given by the research crew in the Ship-2-Shore Blog. Click on each icon to view the images and text posted to the blog that day. Note: answers to student questions are not included in the map so you will need to check the blog for these!


Lesson Extensions

Teachers- Here are is a link to our "Mapping Plastic Pollution Lessons" for grades 4-12, designed for use in Google Earth. With varying degrees of modification these lessons can also be used in Google Maps. We will be posting a .kml file of the Indian Ocean Voyage next week for use in conjunction with these lessons.

Mapping Plastic Pollution


Anonymous said...

hello my name is anthony i just wanted to know how your ocean voyage was goin .hope you guys are having a awsome time . im a freshmen at university high school in LA CA i wanted to know about ocean life and life on the water everyday please write me back it really would be helpful .

Anonymous said...

california,los angeles

can u get rid of the plastic