Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome Message from the Research Crew

Welcome aboard Ship to Shore crew!
What a thrill to have you join us again so soon - this opportunity to cross the Indian Ocean came up very suddenly.....Marcus and I had barely unpacked our bags and settled in when the invitation came to join a Dutch expedition from Perth to Mauritius, traveling through another gyre. Many people don't know this, but there is in fact a gyre in the Indian Ocean.

This is a very special voyage, retracing Darwin's route around the world. The purpose is to look at the state of the oceans since his 5 year voyage on the HMS Beagle, and make 35 documentary films along the way, including one on plastic.

There are a number of incredible scientists on board, studying sea level rise, coral reefs, and a number of other topics. We will be featuring their work as well as sharing our observations about plastic - so we should all learn a lot of exciting new topics. There are also 25 crew members in charge of sailing the boat - an incredible, 250 foot long Clipper called the Stad Amsterdam. Here she is arriving in Perth just a few days ago, to stock up on supplies before heading back out.

We'd love for you all to do a quick search on Darwin and the HMS Beagle in the next week - you'll have more fun following our voyage that way.

We leave in 2 hours, so the next time you hear from us, we'll be sailing!

Ships ahoy and thanks for coming along,
Anna and Marcus


Shannon said...

Faith Lutheran Las Vegas, NV USA
Besides doing research what else are you doing to prevent pollution in the ocean?

Tim from Las Vegas said...

Because you are on a boat for an extensive amount of time, you don't get to see your family right? So how do stay in touch with them?
-Faith Lutheran HS 12th Grade

Anonymous said...

What motivated you to go on this trip for so long?
-Mike Faith Lutheran Las Vegas Nevada

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Teresa from Belmont University

Marcus and Anna, have a wonderful and safe trip. My classes and I will be following along!

Anonymous said...

Before you decided to set out to explore the Indian Ocean was research done to have a feel about the ocean itself and whats in it?
GWHS, Mangilao Guam