Monday, September 10, 2007

Charting ORV Alguita's Voyage

Both Brooksbank Elementary in North Vancouver, Canada and Burbank Middle School in Houston, TX have reminded me that they are enthusiastic to start charting ORV Alguita's voyage!
Here is a picture I took of ORV Alguita's GPS (Global Positioning System) at dock on the night before the departure. This position will give you the first point to plot for ORV Alguita's voyage!
Here is a link to information about how a GPS works!

Detailed directions about how to plot ORV Alguita's Voyage will be coming soon!

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ORV Alguita said...

If it is difficult to read the coordinates click on the picture and a larger version of the image will open in a separate window!
If you have any questions about how to read the GPS let me know. There will be a full lesson about how to plot the vessels position either on a paper chart or on GoogleEarth soon!