Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Students Participating from Around the World!

A student from Maine asked; "How many different schools [are there in the program] and from where?" The answer is that there are currently 23 schools participating from 9 different countries (Australia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Germany, Guam, Japan, Pakistan, Puerto Rico and the USA!) Here is a map to show you the location of all of the participants!


Newman Colombia said...

Hi from Colombia, we are Miguel and Andrea, teachers from the Newman school. Kids are very excited about this virtual journey. We will be writting back soon with the kids comments and questions!!!
Good journey

peter said...

Don't forget us at Radford College, Australia


ORV Alguita said...


My apologies and thank you for catching that- I just added Australia and Radford College is certainly not forgotten!!!!!!!

Holly Gray
ORV Alguita Vessel Support Coordinator

Profe AquaSendas said...

Hola a todos (Hi everybody).
We are trying to catch up with your exciting oceanographic cruise.
It is wonderful to participate as one of international schools on this endeavor. Thank you for inviting us to be one of the "dots" in the world map. AquaSendas, CHILE